About Us

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Welcome to Culture Art Group.

Culture Art Group has been established to provide an online platform for upcoming artisans and craftsmen from rural, tribal & urban India.

Culture Art Group source’s products directly from artisans and craftsmen.It is our constant endeavor to enrich the lives of artisans and craftsmen by providing them with remuneration that is always fair & adequate.

Culture Art Group carefully screens all the products that we showcase to the world.Our clients select from the best products that have been examined by qualified art & handicrafts experts.Our products are believed as having worthy merit to represent its corresponding class of art. This screening serves an additional purpose of preserving our age old cultural heritage in an untarnished form for generations to come.

Culture Art Group is an ever evolving & expanding organization and our diverse inventory of products will reflect the same. Product additions are made on a regular basis so our clients are pleasantly surprised on their revisits.

We take special care during packaging to ensure the product reaches our clients in pristine condition.

When given an opportunity to serve our client’s requirements, one would learn that our interactions with our clients are completely ethical and without any bias.

We have all legal licenses required for operating our business & are well equipped to handle regional & international sales.

We are always open to your feedback & comments.